Online counselling options

Our online counselling can be delivered in one of three ways:

Instant chat

Live chat sessions are weekly appointments, which will take place at the same time every week, for 50 minutes. There is no audio or video during these sessions and we provide the platform where the sessions take place (either website, or via Apple or Android chat app) or via WhatsApp. They are all text based, synchronous sessions.


Email counselling is done via encrypted email. These sessions include no more than 1,000 words every week. You can choose to send lots of small messages throughout the week, one big message or a combination-anything is fine, as long as they are no longer than 1000 words combined.I will be writing one reply back to you each week, at a time agreed upon


For interactive online counselling (with or without webcam) we offer online counselling via Zoom, WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams

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If you’re not sure whether online is right for you, we also offer telephone counselling.