What To Look For In A counselling trainees’s Therapist

If you are in the midst of Counselling training -and embarking on a Level 4 course, you will be aware of the requirement-in most cases-to embrace your own counselling journey. When I was presented with this-it felt quite daunting and I did not know where to start. At the time all counselling was face to face, so I started by using a well-known search engine to look for counsellors in my area.

I did not know much about prices, contracts, requirements-it was all new and quite a minefield. My training provider’s help was to let me browse through a very large folder-and asked to “choose” who I liked-as a way to help me.  Words like “experienced” “integrative” “person-centred” all flew at me and left me wondering how will that help me? Honestly, from my perspective, I did not NEED counselling-I was doing just to go along with the course requirements.

Having found endless pages of counsellors online-but feeling overwhelmed by the idea that I would have to travel somewhere, on top of my existing workload, I decided to go with the prettiest/most well worded advert from the said folder. I was quite anxious contacting this counsellor-after all, she knew everything and I knew nothing, right? After a brief phone conversation-I paid the £90 “assessment fee” and agreed to the 1.5 hours initial session.

When the time came for my appointment-I went to the counsellor’s place of work and spent the next 90 minutes being asked all sorts of personal things, that I really did not feel comfortable sharing. At the end I was told that she will be in touch and off I went.  I was left feeling vulnerable, exposed, anxious and absolutely terrified of having shared such deep meaningful parts of my life with someone without knowing what comes next.

And what did come next, I hear you ask?

A text-two days later. A text that said:” I know someone you know so we can’t work together. All the best.” In that moment, I felt robbed-of my privacy, feelings, money and most importantly-of my sense of security.

DisclaimerThis is not a -shame the therapist-post; it is one about my journey and how I felt in this situation. It taps into the way I work now- and led me to go through extra training to work online (via email, instant chat, etc) in order to ensure that my communication-especially via the written word can be done in an empathic, connective and respectful way.

There will be, at times, reasons that will stop me from working with specific clients; I can only hope that the way I deliver that to the client holds them in a safe space, without worry for what they have shared with me already. It took me a long time to search for a therapist again-and whilst my peers were in therapy and going through the process, my judgement was clouded by anger covering fear.

I did find another therapist, having called and emailed around quite a few-and she taught me to go at my own speed, made no judgements and allowed me to explore whatever felt important. She really was lovely J

My point is, dear reader, that looking for a therapist is a personal journey-have a good browse, get in touch, go with what feels instinctively good for yourself.

When you find someone you can connect with, someone who creates a safe space where you can bring your insecurities, shame, sorrow, rage, fear-embrace the process; it will not be pretty and it almost always gets worse before it gets better; but there is hope.

Ride the wave-you’ve got this!

Counselling for Counselling Trainees

And if you need a hand, get in touch-I understand the journey of Counselling Trainees-and there is always a discount to be had 🙂

Working with Counselling Trainees I offer a safe space-where you can feel heard and supported in your training.

I have a healthy stack of books that you can refer to whilst we work together and I understand the challenges of writing a Learning Review – or 100!

I am flexible, and work through a multitude of platforms, which allows you to keep tabs on your valuable time and be present where it matters.

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Reach out and say “Hello“- what have you got to loose?