Firstly, I am not a writer…

It feels important to state it from the beginning, so that if you are reading this, your expectations lower significantly before you begin 🙂


There are just my ramblings as a therapist, but mostly as a human; things I have learnt and continue to learn as I go-so please be patient.

I have spent the most part of the last year completely focused on a “Want”.

Absorbed, captivated, engrossed, immersed, fascinated and utterly spellbound by this utter belief that it was meant to be.

Time just flew by and I could not process why my “Want” was not becoming a reality.

There are times however, like today, when a realisation comes my way ;a light bulb moment if you will.

Some weeks ago, the thought pondered for a fraction of a second: “What if this has NOT happened because something else is heading my way?”

But I quickly brushed it off-“Nah, not possible.What could be better?”

As time went by I kept coming back to this thought and slowly but surely I started exploring it more, listening to it when it arrived and eventually leaning into it.

I have asked myself over and over :”What are you learning from this struggle? Is there something to be held onto?Something to be cherished?”

The answer is…Absolutely.

I have learnt that staying with my own struggle is this awfully painful process-I often felt caged but wild, trapped but unboundaried, stuck but lost in the wilderness.

But mostly I have learnt that, even though it may not feel like that at times, my strength rises from my pain and  my growth rises from my struggle.

I have got this-and better things are coming my way 🙂