Prioritise your mental health

If you think this is yet another blog post about 10 things you can do to prioritise your mental health…you are close…there are actually 12:)

As a therapist, I am a big advocate of parity-mental health on par with physical health, working together, in symbiosis for a better self.

Looking after our mental health ties in with being able to recognise our own specific needs and requirements and finding ways that will tend to them.Before we can begin to look at self care, there can be a need to look at our basic needs-and a distinction is required between the two.

Basic needs are actions such as eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, having enough water, taking a sick day off work when we are not well, sitting down with a cup of tea, etc. Fulfilling basic needs will increase our wellbeing and will lead to self care-this can look differently for everyone; however self care acts can be seen as refuelling; we are actively making time to receive whatever we need -:time with friends, time to journal, time to take a walk, etc.

Prioritise your mental health

Self care tends to involve actively set aside time for something that nourishes our soul.

Basic needs alongside self care will lead to a more grounded self and help greatly in those moments when we feel off balance.Putting yourself first is not selfish; its vital in order to be grounded, secure and nourished and helps us provide a healthy, stable base for our loved ones.

If you struggle finding your way, you can always reach out for help.